Amymone by Felix-Henri-Giacomotti

Amymone was one of the fifty daughters of Danaos and Europa, the Danaids.

When she once went to Argolida looking for water, a Satyr attacked her. Poseidon rescued her and showed her the sources of Lake Lerna. By Poseidon, who fell in love with her, she had a son, Nafplios.

Together with her father and her other sisters, they fled from Libya to Argos, because Danaos was afraid of the fifty sons of his twin brother Aegyptus. In order to stop the animosity between them, the sons of Aegyptus asked to marry the Danaids. Danaos was forced to concede and gave his daughters to his nephews by draw. On their wedding night, obeying their father's orders, the Danaids killed their husbands and buried their heads in the Lake Lerna. From the fifty men, only Lygkeas survived, becasue his wife Hypermnestra, took pity on him.

As punishment, the Danaids were cast into hades where they are trying in vain to fill with water a bottomless jar.

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