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Alien Resurrection : Alias Alien 4
Lost Highway : David Lynch.
The Fifth Element : Luc Besson meets Moebius.
The Prisoner
Internet Movie Database
The Movie Critic
The Lion King : Walt Disney's Masterpiece.
Comedy Central TV Land


The Official H.R.Giger web site
Enki Bilal
Strange Interactions - An on-line art exhibition by John E. Jacobsen
Heavy Metal : Adult illustrated fantasy


Profiles for each of the 16 Myers-Briggs psychological types
The Keirsey Temperament Sorter
IllusionWorks Home Page


Bank of Cyprus Group
Cyprus Stock Exchange Prices
Cyprus Stock Exchange
Central Bank of Cyprus
The Gartner Group


The Cyprus Mail Internet Edition
Business Week magazine
The Financial Times


Music Boulevard : CD Shop
CD World : CD Shop
Interact CD ROM shop
CD ROM shopping guide


The Republic of Cyprus Index (P.Zaphiri)
Sxetikos (Σχετικός)
Yiasou : The Cyprus Web Index
Cyprus Tourism Organization : An excellent site about visiting Cyprus
Kypros-Net : The World of Cyprus
Human Rights Action

Lobby for Cyprus Online
The Cyprus Government Public Information Office
The Cyprus Mail Internet Edition
Cyprus - The land you will love (A.Zias)
Cyprus Stock Exchange
Central Bank of Cyprus
The Bank of Cyprus Group
The Nicosia Municipality
Brief Historical Survey of Cyprus
Cyprus Coins from the Central Bank.
Savings Bonds Draws.


Tunguska, Siberia, June 1908.


Harvey Mudd College : My alma mater.
Phantis Greek Index.

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